Sanches Fernandes Family donates 3 hemodialysis machines for HPA in Catanduva

The Sanches Fernandes Family donated three machines for hemodialysis to the Padre Albino/HPA Hospital. The official delivery was made to the president of the Administrative Board of the Foundation, José Carlos Rodrigues Amarante, the family matriarch, Neide Sanches Fernandes, and the daughters Silmara and Andréa Sanches Fernandes, who visited the Hemodialysis Service accompanied by the doctor in charge, Luciana Stuchi Devito Grisotto.

The Kidney Therapy Service of the Padre Albino Hospital has a multiprofessional team specialized in the treatment of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. It currently serves 118 patients performing more than 1.100 procedures per month and is equipped with 15 hemodialysis machines, procedure rooms and for emergencies.

“The machine park of the Hemodialysis Service of the Padre Albino Hospital is being renovated with new machines, three of which are donated by the Sanches Fernandes Family. It is still necessary to acquire five machines to complete the equipment renovation”, explained Dr. Luís Fernando Colla da Silva, medical director and the hospital administrator, Renata Rocha Bugatti.

The superintendent of the Foundation, Reginaldo Donizeti Lopes, and the manager of the Fundraising Sector, Angelica da Costa, also participated in the delivery.


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