How to make your report:

The Ombudsman Channel, available to the internal and external audiences of the Cerradinho Group, is a tool for safe, transparent, independent, confidential and impartial communication, of conduct considered unethical or that violates ethical principles, the precepts of the Code of Conduct and / or current legislation.

Reporting can be done in two ways:

BY INTERNET: Access the website to make your report. Your computer‘s IP will not be identified under any circumstances.

BY PHONE: Call toll free at 0800 900 8004.

The channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The calls are answered by trained specialists to obtain the maximum information regarding the reported complaint, without compromising the anonymity and security of the source. The phone number from which the call originates will not be identified under any circumstances.

All information will be received by Contacto Seguro, an external company, independent and specialized in receiving complaints.

After the registration of the complaint, Contacto Seguro will forward, with anonymity guarantee, the information to the Cerradinho Group Ethics Committee for the proper treatment and sending to the areas responsible for the investigation.