Cerradinho Bio creates business division for products derived from corn

Cerradinho Bio creates business division for products derived from corn


CerradinhoBio takes another step to expand its operations in the bioenergy market by diversifying its sources of raw material and its product portfolio. The company presents its subsidiary Neomille, which becomes responsible for the processing of corn, production of corn ethanol and components for animal feed.

The creation of Neomille is directly linked to the investment of R $ 280 million in the construction of the corn processing unit for the production of ethanol and supplies for animal feed from corn. The unit, already in operation, will produce an average of 245 million liters of hydrated ethanol annually, 175 thousand tons of DDGS and 7 thousand tons of oil, grinding about 580 thousand tons of corn.

According to Paulo Motta, president of CerradinhoBio, this is another important movement in the Company‘s growth strategy. “The corn ethanol business generates and distributes value; it creates and strengthens partnerships in the field. Neomille offers a competitive option for animal nutrition in the Center-South and Southeast of the country; and it also expands the alternatives in our region for marketing corn, which, before it was predominantly exported and now it doubles in value in the chain with the production of DDGs and oil, in addition to ethanol a clean and renewable fuel “, he highlights.

Reinforcing the institutional values ​​of commitment to the environment and sustainability, Neomille‘s production unit adopts the highest technology available for the processing of corn without generating any residue. It also creates opportunities for planting biomass, such as eucalyptus, used in cogeneration and renewable energy. The planting of biomass is another diversification option for the farmer and a great solution for the recovery of degraded areas.

Neomille produces Neo30 which takes advantage of all the protein value of corn for animal nutrition, in the form of DDGs. “In addition to being a dry and protein-rich product, Neo30 is available throughout the year, ensuring a regular and continuous supply, with no need to stock large quantities for supply throughout the year. Whoever chooses Neo30 will have great benefits”, emphasizes Motta.

About the Group

Considering the cane (CerradinhoBio) and corn (Neomille) plants, the Company has the largest ethanol producing complex in Brazil, with a consolidated capacity to produce 730 million liters of ethanol and generate 1,300 GWh of energy.